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December 15, 2013


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Tis the final month and the time for great giving...wish I could say the same about job hunting. Like I said, it's a waiting game and people just love to keep you waiting. This'll make a whole year I didn't work, sad I know. But hey new year and hopefully a fresh start right out the bag. I hate I won't have any money for presents this year but que sera sera. Recently had a snow storm down here that kept us in for four days straight, we managed to ride it out but I doubt it'll be the last of it.

 Outside of that 2013 was a pretty good year though, sis graduated and now in college. More new shows and what not, new expereinces for cons etc etc. Can't complain really.

==== Secret Santa ====

For those that are doing secert santa and draw my name. Just draw these three,  ( ) only have the girls have pointed ears and red eyes please.

==== Reviews ====

Super Mario 3D World

Okay I gotta admit I had my doubts about this game but wow. It's fun, really fun, like a Super Mario Beat-Em Up (Platform-Em-Up?). All the stages are beautiful and well designed. And offer a ton of challenges mostly in the form of getting the green stars and stamps. And I like the callback to Super Mario Bros 2 of all the characters having strengths and weaknesses (even though I still say Daisy should've been picked. Yeah I like that Rosilana is playable but c'mon, they pick Toad over her for the main four? Toad been in two games where they served as the other two characters in Mario Bros Wii and Wii U. It's not even the red colored Toad from the original series =P). The cat power up is a little gimmicky but it does have it's advantages like the dive kick. I actually wanted more stages with the Cherry Power-Up, they're so few and far. Complaints? Well when playing with others, the camera has a tendency to be picky on whom to focus on and if it picks someone who runs ahead, it'll cut off those from the field of vision which can be pretty annoying, especially in pitted areas. Having everyone onscreen is also pretty chaotic, you can bump into each other, throw someone offscreen, cause someone to miss a jump etc. The fact you all share lives means you'll be seeing a lot of game over screens. Would've also liked some more challenging bosses, they all go down pretty easy.  But those are minor gripes at best. It's a wonderful entry in the Mario series and recommended for any Wii U owners.

Despicable Me 2

I loved the first movie and finally got around to seeing this one despite reservations about hearing they was more focus on the minions this time. Yeah a few characters get less screen time (the girls in particular) but it still has a right balance of action, heart and humor. As well as a lot of great laugh out loud moment. I found myself loving Lucy (even though that's Lola from The Looney Tunes Show voicing her. A show I'm not really fond of). It does suffer a bit from what I like to call the "3D Awareness" where they deliberately throw or point things at the screen. Most films nowadays are better at hiding it that it doesn't take away from the plot. But it is kinda eye rolling when they make it too obvious, especially when you don't have the 3D on. Still, its a good watch despite this and I look forward to the minion spin-off coming next.

Fast and Furious 5 & 6

Yeah I heard about Paul Walker's death, though ironiclly that came before I had intended to watch these movies. I'm not a major fan of the franchise and most I've seen of it was the second movie (which I found much better then first oddly enough). But I wanted to catch up on the series since I heard they were getting good. And indeed the swtich to more heist related adventures was a surprising fit especially with such a cavalcade of characters in the mix. Six especially shines with how over the top it was, I was laughing so much and there was a just a nice click to it all. Five is good too, don't get me wrong but feels more subdued which is understandable, it was a shift away from the "street race undercover cop" stories of the previous movies and they wanted to test the waters. But that might be the reason why I dug the second movie so much, both it and six are the kind of tougne in cheek action I dig. Plus it helps that the characters are also quite likeable too. I'm saddened that Walker won't be in these films anymore, he was certainly a shining presence that will sorely be missed. My condolences to his friends and family, may he rest in peace.


And that's about it really, Happy Holidays to all. Hope you get what you wish for, try to stay safe and, if in frigged condition stay warm. Here's to 2013 and the coming of 2014! Yosha!

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Good deal no? Still nice and cheap.
- Will Not Draw:
* Gory pics (I'm not opposed to bloodied heads or mouths, even a little skewering but that's as far as I'll go)
* Yaoi or any hentai stuff. That's not really my cup of tea. Semi-naked people (like folks in lingerie, swimwear or covered by some object) I'll make an exception for though
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- Will Draw
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Art Trades Open by SquirtleStamps
Be warned though, if I finish first. You will be reminded of your end of the bargain and won't get my trade till you finish yours. Sorry, I've just been gypped so many times like this I have to take precautions now.

1) :iconart-ikaro: His character Julie (… ) Done
2) :iconxxxoreoxxx: Dawn as a Goth (Black and Blue Colors)
3) :iconmarieclaire97: Trent and Gwen watching a horror movie. Done
4) :iconitchyscratchy: One of his characters (I'm going with this one then:…
5) :iconijustdontgetit: Courtney x Scott
6) :iconfraiseparfait: Gwen and Bridgette in a cabin being scared to death by Duncan and Geoff dressed up in halloween costumes.
7) :iconkraziekazoo: Lulu
8) :iconmsliza: The couple (… ) wrestling on the floor
9) :iconaeon-borealis: Vampire Storm and Sadie scaring Alejandro. Done
Anicomicgeek Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you had a Merry Christmas.:)
Hope all goes well. Also how's the status of my commission out of curiosity will it be ready before this month and year is over :(
funnytime77 Dec 15, 2013  Student Artist
wanna roleplay?
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